We will fulfill this vision by leading a passionate weekend worship experience; providing a clear pathway into spiritual growth and discipleship; facilitating meaningful small groups and making a difference through gifts-based service.

Why Mansfield?

Why Mansfield?

Mansfield is a growing, vibrant city of 67,000 about fifteen-minutes southeast of Fort Worth bordered by the cities of Arlington and Grand Prairie, and by unincorporated Tarrant, Johnson and Ellis Counties. Due to its convenient proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, its top-rated schools and progressive business environment, Mansfield’s population more than doubled between 2000 and 2010. Continued growth has made Mansfield one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. The surrounding communities are expanding as well: as of 2016, more than one million people live within a fifteen mile radius of Mansfield. 

Mansfield is blessed with numerous wonderful churches. However, its growth has outpaced current church capacity. There are many new families moving into the area that need a life-giving church home. But most importantly, there is a growing number of unchurched people in Mansfield, people who have not encountered the life-changing love of Christ. We plan to bring the love of Christ to them.

Who Are Our Leaders?

Who Are Our Leaders?

Freedom Life Church is led by founding pastors Steve and Jeana Pixler. With almost twenty years of experience as lead pastors, Steve and Jeana bring a proven passion for helping people find direction into freedom for life.

Mansfield has been home to Steve and Jeana and their six children for the last four years. Their school-aged children attend Mansfield schools, and this is where they shop, work and play. Steve and Jeana have grown to love this community, with its friendly people and diverse population.

Steve and Jeana are joined by a wonderful, diverse group of more than one-hundred believers (so far) committed to forming the Freedom Life Church Launch Team. Together, they are developing the volunteer teams needed to plant a life-giving church: a powerful worship team, an exciting kids team and other gifts-based ministries.

When Is the Launch Date?

Freedom Life Church, Mansfield will launch Sunday, September 10, 2017.
(Launch location is to be determined.)

Our Launch Plan is simple.

From February through August, we will

  • cast vision and recruit people with a passion to plant a church
  • meet regularly to develop leaders and ministry teams
  • and invite ministry partners to help us raise the budget for Launch Sunday and the first year of ministry operations

What About Funding?

Freedom Life Church will be planted with financial integrity. We will serve as a 501(c)3 compliant nonprofit organization registered with the State of Texas and governed by all applicable nonprofit laws and regulations. We will be governed by a Board of Directors, audited annually by an external nonprofit auditing firm, and our finances and operations will be reviewed annually by a Board of Overseers.

Our budgets will be managed wisely by our Board of Directors and our ministry operations will be led day-to-day by our Lead Team, a team of pastors and directors chaired by the Lead Pastor.

We are committed to raising our launch and operations budget by August 2017. If you wish to partner with us financially, or even give a one-time gift to support our mission to plant a life-giving church in Mansfield, please do so using the link below.

Who Are Our Overseers?

Freedom Life Church will be formed with a Board of Overseers to provide outside oversight. The Board of Overseers is made up of experienced pastors and ministry leaders from across the country. Our founding overseers are:

Pastor George Hancock, Christian World Church, Richardson, TX

Pastor Jim Kilgore, Life Church, Houston, TX

Pastor Larry Holland, Churches In Covenant, Carrolton, TX

How Can I Get Involved?

There are five simple ways to get involved:

1. Join the Launch Team. We invite you to be a part of something eternally significant–invest your time in seeing lives forever changed! Look over the Launch Team Commitment below.

2. Show up for Launch Sunday. Help us create a BIG initial impact for Freedom Life just by showing up and welcoming friends on Launch Sunday, September 10, 2017.

3. Give a generous donation. Your gift is an investment in changed lives.

4. Cover us with prayer. Planting a church can only be done in the power of the Holy Spirit. Your prayers will help make that happen.

5. Tell a friend. Do you know someone in the Mansfield area looking for a life-giving church? Tell them about Freedom Life Church.

If the Holy Spirit calls you to be involved in any way, sign up below and tell us how you can share in our vision.

What is the Launch Team Commitment?

The Launch Team Commitment, like everything else, is simple:
1. Prayer: Launch Team members commit to daily prayer for Freedom Life Church.
2. Training: Launch Team members commit to regularly scheduled training events.
3. Recruitment: Launch Team members commit to inviting others to answer the divine call to plant a new, life-giving church in Mansfield.
4. Giving: Launch Team members commit now to support Freedom Life Church with tithes and offerings and to help raise outside funds for the launch budget.

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